The highlights from Web Summit 2019

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Tuva Palm, Atomico och Benify-founders
invests in the leading gamification company.


Stand Alone Companion App released


Insert Coin attends Web Summit 2019.


Insert Coin makes an impact at the “MakeItDriveable challenge” in Lisbon, Portugal.


Highway to scale up faster

 SEB’s Scaleup Lab enables Swedish growth companies to gain access to tools, mentoring and expertise. For Insert Coin, the training has provided support and a forum to think about its further expansion.


Insert Coin attends the Lisbon Challenge at the invitation of Ford Motors.


GWEN – Product Update – September

Segmentation creates the possibility for our clients, to divide their users into segments, in order to identify groups of people that are as homogenous as possible but that differentiate from each other in a significant way. Segmentation done right, creates better user experiences and journeys that better match appeals and feel more customized than if the gamification is done to bigger group.

Tierable Achievements enables the possibility of creating different tiers or levels of an achievement, 5 tiers are available. This module enables one to reward 1-time or repetitive behaviours, with a higher complexity, and effort level, with an achievement.


Frida Monsén joins Insert Coin

The well-known Edtech profile and author in education Frida Monsén joins the Gamification expert Insert Coin. 


Gamification in learning

Educational institutions could help students reach top grades using Gamification.


Insert Coin in collaboration with SEB.
Featured in DI, 15 May 2019

In yesterday’s issue of Dagens Industri, May 15th 2019, there was an article about Insert Coin and their exiting collaboration with SEB. In the article, they touch upon the fact that Insert Coin has developed the world’s first complete gamification platform and that the company is growing exponentially at a very fast rate. Their collaboration with SEB is very fruitful and the bank has lent invaluable support to Insert Coin in the areas of competence and a broad network of contacts. It has also been a rewarding enterprise for SEB as well. Their goal is to identify the major corporations of the future and to be relevant partners to these corporations. They see that Insert Coin has this potential. To read the full article (in Swedish), please click here.

“We take the power and influence from the gaming world to other areas.”
Carl Bjerkne, CEO Insert Coin AB


Article about gamification in GP 31 Mars 2019

In GP 31 Mars 2019 two of Insert coin’s founders, Jonathan Sterner and Carl Bjerkne, was interviewed about gamification and their vision of how this can be applied in non-gaming environments. In the article, ‘Så blir spelens magi del av din vardag’, Insert coin is referred to as a company that has specialized in gamification. Our knowledge in this field is portrayed as very deep and encompasses other disciplines as behavior science as well. Our product, GWEN (Gamify the World Engine), is available for everyone, no matter the age. We want to accomplish is to recreate the engagement and motivation that a game generates for the user and to apply this in non-gaming environments. The applicable environments can include everything from traditional industry, education, health science, schools to banking. GWEN has now gone live and a growing area where our product has a great area of use is in the education field. In this context, our co-worker, Adam Palmquist, is leading a science project with Chalmers where the goal is to apply gamification on their existing student portal. He has also written the book ‘Det spelifierade klassrummet’ in Swedish for Studentlitteratur and is currently one of few PhDc’s in informatics in Sweden.
To read the whole article, click here.


Increase your conversion by 115 % with Gamification

“The incredible increase in conversion and engagement we see now is only the beginning of our gamification journey together with Insert Coin,” says Vidar Duvnäs, CEO of Betspawn. Gamification enabled Betspawn not only to make the user experience the better – but their customers also got 230 % more active, 115 % increased conversion, as well as increased their 7-day retention with over 7%. Betspawn is one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to betting on e-sports. At Betspawn, users can place bets on matches in games like Counter-Strike: GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends and StarCraft II. In order to enhance the user experience, and at the same time make the users more active, Betspawn uses gamification solutions from the Swedish company Insert Coin. “Betspawn is a great partner for us. The e-sports industry is growing fast and a lot of the staff at Insert Coin both practices and follow e-sports themselves. Together with Betspawn, we’re now able to make the experience even better for anyone who loves e-sports, “says Carl Bjerkne, CEO of Insert Coin. The user experience at Betspawn reminds a lot of computer and video games. Insert Coin has implemented different missions for the users, like placing their first bet, a live bet or a combination bet. Each time the user completes a mission, he or she receives experience points that are used for leveling, and reaching new levels is rewarded with free bets, tickets or various giveaways. The results of Betspawn’s commitment speak for themselves. Since Insert Coin’s solutions were implemented, the average user’s activity has been increased by 230 %. “It’s obviously amazing, but it’s easy to understand. Completing tasks and leveling is always fun, says Carl Bjerkne, and continues: “We live in a time where it is increasingly difficult to keep people’s attention. With these types of solutions, we can keep the user’s attention, which means increased profitability for the company. Meanwhile, the best part is that we at the same time make the user experience better. This means that gamification is a great thing for everyone.”

Vinnova project accepted!

Vinnova project is accepted and verified! The Vinnova project A.K.A The Garfield will be started soon. The GARFIEID project aims to create a strategic consensus regarding industrial automation strategies for college students through a gamified digital learning tool. GARFIEID will use methods from interaction design through the projects learning processes and courses to increase the student’s engagement and the Universities student completion without lowering the knowledge requirements that the Swedish industry poses. The project will start in a university context but will also include larger industry corporations in the longer term.

The effects of GARFIELD are expected to be:

  1. An increase in student completion for higher education
  2. An increase in gender equality and diversity regarding student examinations
  3. An increase in the innovation exchange between university and industry
  4. The expected result is that the students through the gamified course will have a greater chance to complete their courses during the predetermined study period. This expected result also applies to operators who retrain at Chalmers University. Innovation is planned to spread outside Chalmers to other universities and the industry. GARFIEID’s program focuses on making game-based pilot tests on selected courses at Chalmers. In the project, the gamification-studio Insert Coin assist Chalmers in the implementation and construction of pilot tests by holding workshops and courses that explore, examine and analyze the needs of the university. The knowledge that transpires from workshops and courses transform into a game-based implementation in Chalmers current learning platform – Canvas.
Insert Coin raises a 10 000 000 SEK investment round.

Insert Coin raises funds in order to facilitate the further development of their gamification platform; GWEN. Among the investors, a number of well-known players from the gaming sector. Read more about it here on DiDigital:


Insert Coins partners up with OnSpotStory.

The Gamification experts continue to invest in the travel segment.

OnSpotStory has been in the realm of mobile guide technology for ten years, which proves to be a reliable, experienced and knowledgeable partner for Insert Coins expansion in the travel industry. After having closely worked together for the last years Insert Coin and OnspotStory decide to join forces. To continue to develop and enhance the onsite experience of cultural points of interest through gamification. The first feather in the cap that the companies managed to do together, under the same flag, is a gamified guide app for all the world culture museum in Sweden, which is releasing later this year.

Insert Coin – Digital partner for Match Cup Sweden 2018.

Insert Coin will be the digital partner of this year’s Match Cup Sweden.
We take great pride in assisting one of the most respected sailing events in enhancing the events digital experience says Peter Luts, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Insert Coin. Insert Coin has revitalized brands’ websites and heighten the digital presence in new areas, through gamification, for some of Sweden’s finest brands – it is Insert Coins unique platform builds that separate the company from the rest of the development firms in their industry. Match Cup will add to an already impressive list of company clients, present and past.

Gamification Guru joins Insert Coin.

One of the leading in gamification, Adam Palmquist, is now a part of the team at Insert Coin. He will take the role of process leader. Insert Coin sees gamification not only as a hype or buzzword but as a tool for sustainable and long-term development says Adam Palmquist. The gamification company’s latest recruitment Adam Palmquist has a background in both the education and the music world. He has worked as a concept developer for various game studios in Sweden and has also worked with various digital teaching materials and educational games. Through his broad knowledge of gamification and learning, Adam is often employed by authorities, schools, colleges, and incubators as a pedagogical advisor and a frequent lecturer throughout Scandinavia.


GWEN – The world’s first complete Gamification platform

Insert Coin has announced that it is releasing an advanced democratized gamification platform, which will enable every user experience to be enhanced by elements of the world of games. GWEN, short for Gamify the World ENgine, lets companies create, manage and gamification mechanics that will make websites, apps or other platforms more fun and engaging. The gamification mechanics which are applied are based on what part of the user journey that needs to be more engaging. For the first time, companies can create intriguing onboarding processes or user tutorials from the same platform, without having to the proficiencies to do it themselves. A one-stop-shop for all user experience related advancement on your site. “We are very excited about the release of the new generation of our gamification platform,” said Carl Bjerkne, Insert Coin’s CEO. “These advanced capabilities will help companies provide the user experience that the customers of today need and wants, at a rate of speed not seen in the past.” The platform is going live by the end of the summer with a number of clients ranging from start-ups to more established international companies.

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