Integrating GWEN to facilitate onboarding, conversion and user retention resulted in a new Gamified Betspawn experience, which was a game changer for their business.


Betspawn is an esports iGaming platform that enables esports fans to bet, watch esports and play on casino, in one place.

By prompting new users to explore new esports and teams through relevant content and bets, the platforms enable users to explore the immersive world of esport.

Founded in 2016, Betspawn is one of the fastest-growing esport iGaming platform, with coverage across over +20 esports and a global user base.


● Increase retention, conversion, and loyalty.

● Full dev pipe with limited time to get started.

● Lack of Gamification expertise.

● Lacking the ability to maintain Gamification.

In a competitive marketplace dominated by large brands such as Mr Green and Betway, Betspawn knew they had to create a beautiful, synchronized cross-device gamified experience in order to draw users away from their typical esports habits.

Normally, user consistency and retention are achieved through bonuses and monetary related rewards in iGaming. Nevertheless, requiring new users and successfully getting them to come back would naturally drop-off after the bonuses and rewards are used up. This was the problem with Betspawns’ original platform design and communication, which had a undesirable drop-off rate and lower conversion than desired, due to information overload and multiple steps to deposit.

Therefore, Betspawn sought out a custom solution to simplify and facilitate onboarding and deposits while maintaining a high percentage of returning users.


Enter GWEN, Insert Coin’s agnostic KPIs enhancing Gamification platform.

The brilliance in Betspawn’s solution was not just using GWEN, but where and how they integrated GWEN within the onboarding process and later on in the customer journey as well.

Betspawn’s strategically improved conversion, engagement and retention by implementing multiple of GWEN’s modules; Tutorial, Levels and Mission, which creates an immersive experience from the first visit on Betspawns platform.

7% increase in 7-day retention

150% increase in conversion

350% more engaged users

Betspawn experienced a revenue increase the month after GWEN implementation accumulated to more revenue than their whole previous year