How could Gamification be applied to improve clients’ mental health?

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Braive’s mission is to destigmatise mental health issues and ensure awareness of the challenges one faces, as well as using evidence-based psychology to help their clients tackle their mental health challenges.

Braive’s platform is available in a web browser format, as well as in a native app, to make therapy more accessible. The company enables its clients to receive an online mental service that does not require a psychologist, in order to democratise mental health support. The clients get the opportunity to use the service either along with advice from licensed therapists or doctors or for self-assessment of their own well-being. Braive offers possibilities to personalise and customise the programme in order to get the best results.

Our experience from working with Insert Coin the past year has overall been very positive. We have hit some bumps on the road but the team is very responsive and solution-orientated. They appreciate feedback, and make regular updates and iterations to improve the customer experience.
We look forward to keep improving the product in close collaboration with Insert Coin in the time to come.

Hermine Bonde



Pioneering, innovative solutions such as Braive’s is bound to receive some resistance in their user behaviours, which often metamorphs into hurdles during the onboarding process. Trialling such an innovative approach in a stigmatised area like mental health could also create difficulties in getting clients up and running.

Braive strategically set their KPIs and formed a powerful strategy to reach them:

Empower clients, to enable recurring usage of Braive’s mental service, through positive reinforcement

Help the clients through the onboarding stages via the power of gamification

Create rewards and transparency for the clients when they accomplish new tasks or complex actions.

Help your clients to reach their ambitions

Using GWEN as their gamification platform, Braive has started to help their new clients to move forward in their user journey and optimise their onboarding phase. The Achievement and Level modules are being used in order to create rewards and feelings of accomplishment further down the user journey.

A/B testing is currently helping Braive gain deeper customer insights as well as creating new tools to understand and improve client engagement.


Braive’s ambition to help everyone get the help they need, but did not have the power to do themselves, led them to contact Insert Coin.

Solution: GWEN Widget

Braive recaptured its clients’ attention and engagement by helping them actively, and in real-time, through tutorials, rewards through achievements and levels. In the process they analysed user behaviour by implementing A/B testing through the GWEN WIDGET.

Braive used GWEN to build dynamic tutorial events and re-engaged clients by rewarding them and showing appreciation by adding achievements and levels.

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