Social mobile card game.

Gothia Cup & Coca-Cola.



Thanks to Coca-Cola and Insert Coin, Gothia Cup’s participants and visitors could download and create their own player profile to start collecting player cards of the year’s Gothia Cup players.

In collaboration with the Gothia Cup, Insert Coin have developed an app for iOS and Android called “Team Gothia Cup” which is an app where participants in the tournament can exchange “collector cards” with each other. The collector cards consist of the player’s own user profile and there are statistics about the player such as the stamina and running speed. The app is linked to a QR-code bracelet that all Gothia Cup participants get and if you want to add a fellow or player to the app, you only scan the bracelet QR-code with your mobile.

The app was proudly presented by the official sponsor Coca-Cola through a launch event. The card collecting game became a success with a huge number of downloads!