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Chalmers leverages GWEN to become one of the world’s first universities with Gamification!

Course completion rate

STUDENTS completed with highest gradeS


Chalmers is a world-renowned University of Technology. The University conducts research and offers education in technology, science, architecture and maritime engineering. Making an impact for a sustainable future.

At the heart of Chalmers is it’s students, approximately 40% of Sweden’s graduate engineers and architects are educated at Chalmers. Each year, around 250 postgraduate degrees are awarded as well as 850 graduate degrees. About 1,000 post-graduate students attend programmes at the university, and many students are taking Master of Science engineering programmes and the Master of Architecture programme.

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On average, Chalmers’ program and courses have a considerate dropout rate, due to the complexity of their classes.

In past projects with Insert Coin, Chalmers has learned that Gamification and serious games work to facilitate learning and to create a consensus of what is required of the students. The University also needed a way to quickly adjust course content and to create a more intuitive LMS. This would be unrealistic for the university to develop by themselves. Chalmers needed a way to automate their students’ onboarding into courses and through that cement the requirements needed in every course, in order to reach the higher grades.


Reliable Gamification from GWEN provides Chalmers with a layer of intuitive game design on top of the existing LMS, Canvas’ features, which they require to meet their onboarding automation goals.

Leveraging the mission module from GWEN, along with other game mechanics in order to automate the creation of a large number of welcoming guidelines and rewarding mechanisms, Chalmers had developed an rigours onboarding for the Students into the LMS the implementation also included access to GWADMIN, GWEN’s admin tool which resulted in a new stream of students performance data, actionable data. Based on this data, the research team involved in this project through the GARFIEID project, was able to analyze the progress and performance of the students.

None of this would be possible without realtime gamification and event & behaviour tracking.
GWEN has helped students to reach higher grades, tripling the number of highest or second-highest grade distributed. The student completion rate increased with approx 10%, while their performance is continuously tracked, becoming actionable data, and even freeing up time to on developing other phases or aspects of the education.

GWEN’s key benefits in this use case

Accurate and holistic measurement of students performance data to power Chalmers’ onboarding into courses or programs.

Reliable integration with Chalmers’ learning managment system (LMS) to allow for real-time gamification and learning material roll-out at scale.

Robust analytics to allow for granular optimization of the full user journey throughout the student’s experience with Chalmers


“A great reason for this high number of good grades and an increase in completion is the module based and game-based environment that was designed for this course.”

Åsa Fasth Berglund

Professor in Smart Automation in Production Systems

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