About us

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Inside Insert Coin’s innovative and curious culture.

At Insert Coin, we work with clever, passionate and energetic people who love to build new products and solutions every day on behalf of the most vital for us – Our customers.

Our history

Founded in 2012, Insert Coin is a Scandinavian gamification company offering Gamification as a service (GaaS) and knowledge sharing in partnership with scientific-based research projects. We believe gamification can change how people behave in digital products. And we want the transformation to happen in the proper way – through disruptive innovation, science-based and transparent communication with clients and research department and by adapting to customer needs.

We play together

A lot has happened since we started out, and we are happy to be considered one of the strongest players in the Gamification scene. As the hype of gamification is fading Insert Coin keeps on delivering Gamification projects beyond points, badges, and leaderboards. We always strive to create engagement and banish boredom. Real value is our motto and core! The gamification we deliver enhances our client’s core services. The gamification platform we have built over the years is constantly growing stronger and more versatile and we are dead serious about using gamification to create real business values. And we are constantly growing our client base as we prove remarkable results for our current clients.

We care together

Mobile-first is a given since gamification first and foremost a personal and mobile experience. We know that since we started out gamifying tourist guides. Today we use storytelling and the power of games to create great user experience in any service and environment, and our focus is on cross-platform-experiences where mobile, desktop and IOT creates gamified and user-centric ecosystems. We believe that the power of games and game design thinking can leverage our everyday lives.

We improve together

We want you to associate us with the feeling you get just before you start your favorite game. The same thrill you get as when you insert your coin in an arcade machine and press play. That very special feeling which has brought so much joy to many of us can and should be applied to other things in our lives. To make them more meaningful and playful. It is truly an epic time to be alive!

We create together

Our mission is to Gamify the World. We are very excited about the fantastic future ahead and the value gamification can add to just about everything and any industry. When we needed a new name that reflected our core values the perfect choice was: Insert Coin. A name that truly reflects that feeling of anticipation that we want to create. It feels amazing, nervous, meaningful and completely intoxicating at the same time. Just the like when you play a brand new game for the very first time! Our mission is to deliver world-class gamification.