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3 ways dopamine is created through gamification


Gamification makes it easy to create and display clear and realistic goals that are easy to achieve. Achieving them rewards the brain with dopamine, which makes you feel good and more motivated. Motivation encourages you to keep challenging yourself and improving your skills.

Dopamine is most effective at increasing these human behaviours:

Motivation: the energy that drives us to seek new goals, consciously or unconsciously. Dopamine increases motivation and therefore encourages the player to complete the proposed task in the game.

Repetition: when a situation or an action generates a dopamine response, our body instinctively wants to repeat it. Gamification can introduce a pleasure component or satisfaction that is not naturally activated, thus encouraging the brain to recreate it.

Learning: the acquisition of a behaviour through practice has something to do with rewards, consciously or unconsciously. The release of dopamine after performing an action in an exuberant manner encourages the brain to incorporate it as positive. Gamification makes it easier for the brain to incorporate desired behaviours in a pleasant way.


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