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gamification and engagement

The link between gamification and engagement


"The currency of the new economy will not be money, but attention" - writes Michael Goldharber

Our attention has always been limited, valuable and in demand. Today, technological developments have made an overwhelming amount of information available, strategically aimed at capturing our attention.

Social media, for example, engages users' attention. People are encouraged to interact with the product, and it's very easy to do so. This makes users feel involved and driven. Users then keep coming back to social media because they expect rewards in attention from others, in the form of 'likes', shares and comments. It's a "game" in more ways than you can imagine.

Constantly on the agenda is the issue of engagement.

Whether it's engagement among employees in your workplace or engagement among users of your digital product, this is a challenge that many businesses face. So if your company or workplace is also struggling with low engagement, don't feel alone. But rest assured, we have the solution to the problem.

These circles of interaction, expectation and reward are key ideas in game design and gamification. The fact that the most successful digital products today use this, makes us at Insert Coin believe that game-like design and gamification is the future of digital product design.

As developers have begun to realize that this is not something they should build themselves, that the maintenance alone requires a great deal of expertise and resources, the need for companies like Insert Coin is growing. Building a scalable platform from scratch is also not really a viable option for most teams as it tends to lead to short-term solutions that sooner or later won't scale. It's faster and safer to go with proven solutions.

"We see growth for gamification in many markets and also for our competitors," says Carl Bjerkne, CEO of Insert Coin.

"The main reason for the growing market is the new way of working with engagement mechanics and gamification where scalability is the focus. I don't think many community-focused companies will be without gamification and engagement mechanics in the coming years. But we are now also seeing companies in fintech, medtech and learning etc. taking big steps," Carl adds.


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