Want to attract more people?

Want them to stay longer?

Want them to be more social?

is the answer

What is gamification?

When we use the word Gamification we use it with both great passion and great respect. Great passion for its ability to create engagement the way games do and great respect for the craftsmanship it takes to get it just right.

The “game”-part of the term can make one think that in order to gamify something it needs to be made into “a game”. But for the most part, it is more of a recognition to games as a medium that has always embraced a more Human-Focused Design that remembers that people in the system have their own will and desires and therefore needs a reason why to engage. Gamification is all about providing a “why” and we do this in a similar way as games so successfully have done for thousands of years.

Why is this important?

When you know what you want people to do – we can start to provide them with the reasons why they should do just that. The mechanics found in games provides us with great blueprints and tools for this task. Points, Badges and Leaderboards are examples of such tools and they are useful indeed. But the blueprints and tools alone will only get you so far without the craftsmanship.

We need to remember that most games use the same type of core mechanics, but not all of them are successful in keeping the player engaged. Just because you have badges doesn’t mean you have provided the user with a clear answer to that nagging “why”.

Bottom line

It always comes down to providing the user or audience with a reason why to do the things you want them to. In many industries across the world – engagement is broken – the audience is looking for you to provide them with the answer.

Let’s give the people a “why”.

“The audience is looking for you to provide them with answers”

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