Article about gamification in GP 31 Mars 2019

April 2, 2019


In GP 31 Mars 2019 two of Insert coin’s founders, Jonathan Sterner and Carl Bjerkne, was interviewed about gamification and their vision how this can be applied in non-gaming environments.



In the article, ‘Så blir spelens magi del av din vardag’, Insert coin is referred to as a company that has specialized in gamification. Our knowledge in this field is portrayed as very deep and encompasses other disciplines as behavior science as well.



Our product, GWEN (Gamify the World ENgine), is available for everyone, no matter the age. We want to accomplish is to recreate the engagement and motivation that a game generates for the user and to apply this in non-gaming environments. The applicable environments can include everything from traditional industry, education, health science, schools to banking. GWEN has now gone live and a growing area where our product has a great area of use is in the education field.


In this context our co-worker, Adam Palmquist, is leading a science project with Chalmers where the goal is to apply gamification on their existing student portal. He has also written the book ‘Det spelifierade klassrummet’ in swedish for Studentlitteratur and is currently one of few PhDc’s in informatics in Sweden.


Link to article (in Swedish):å-förvandlar-de-vardagen-till-ett-spel-1.14144243


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