Product Update

June 11, 2019



The goal of segmentation is to better serve users by being able to offer user experiences and journeys that better match their needs and wants.

GWEN user segmentation allows an implementation to divide their users into segments, in order to identify groups of people that are as homogenous as possible but that differentiate from each other in a significant way. The sectioning could be approached from multiple perspectives, it could be based on, for example, variables of Geographic, Demographic, Psychograph or Behaviour.

Behavioural being one of the most interesting from a gamification perspective, which is an perspective that tries to find patterns in users’ behaviour on a product. Elements include benefits sought in gamification, user status and usage rate. A user might use their credit card every now and then to collect points to being able to buy flight tickets with points.

While all segments will share the same Gamification Document. The different segments can have their own unique gamification balance and can even have completely different game mechanics active simultaneous. This introduces a fully customized user journey for every segment, which allows a dynamic user experience.

Users in an implementation will by default be added to the company’s default segment. They can then be transferred freely between segments via the GWEN API. Transferring a user to a segment with a different set of modules will immediately stop all logic for those newly inactivated modules and vice versa. Furthermore, if the client have a module, such as the mission module, that relies on the communicating specific behaviour goals. The current mission will be regenerated when changing segment if the new segment lacks a behaviour that was previously an objective of the current mission.

Segments can also have different ratios for A/B-testing. One segment may not have A/B-testing at all while another may have a 50/50 split. GWEN user segmentation is currently in beta and can hence only be activated by contacting Insert Coin.


“GWEN’s new feature creates the possibility to divide users into segments, in order to identify groups that are as homogenous as possible but that differentiate from each other in a significant way.”
Jonathan Sterner, CPO Insert Coin AB

For more information, contact:
Peter Luts
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer