Vinnova Project

October 29, 2018


Vinnova project accepted!

Vinnova project is accepted and verified! The Vinnova project A.K.A The Garfield will be started soon.

The GARFIEID project aims to create a strategic consensus regarding industrial automation strategies for college students through a gamified digital learning tool. GARFIEID will use methods from interaction design through the projects learning processes and courses to increase the student’s engagement and the Universities student completion without lowering the knowledge requirements that the Swedish industry poses. The project will start in a university context but will also include larger industry corporations in the longer term.

The effects of GARFIELD are expected to be:
  1. An increase in student completion for higher education
  2. An increase in gender equality and diversity regarding student examinations
  3. An increase in the innovation exchange between university and industry

The expected result is that the students through the gamified course will have a greater chance to complete their courses during the predetermined study period. This expected result also applies to operators who retrain at Chalmers University. Innovation is planned to spread outside Chalmers to other universities and the industry.

GARFIEID’s program focuses on making game-based pilot tests on selected courses at Chalmers. In the project, the gamification-studio Insert Coin assist Chalmers in the implementation and construction of pilot tests by holding workshops and courses that explore, examine and analyze the needs of the university. The knowledge that transpires from workshops and courses transform into a game-based implementation in Chalmers current learning platform – Canvas.

For more information, contact:
Adam Palmquist
Gamification Evangelist