NTI Skolan

NTI Skolan

How could Gamification be used to increase engagement in education?

NTI’s vision is to increase engagement in specific courses, by increasing the incentives to use more resources, ask questions and practice more. To achieve this they use evidence-based behavioural psychology to help students tackle their challenges in education.

NTI’s learning management system is available for the students to make their education more accessible and to enable content to be re-read. NTI enables its students to receive an online learning service linked to their courses and learning programs.


That the gamification should not be perceived as forced
Handle prejudice
Non-homogenous group
Continuous updates
NTI strategically set their KPIs and designed and built a learning management system in order to achieve them:
Reduce Interruptions by minimum of 3%
Increase Completion Rate in General
Increase Performance before Day 5 in the courses
Increased Goal fulfillment to 85%

Using GWEN as their gamification platform, NTI has started to help their students move forward in a journey set to explore the world of education, as well as finding new ways of engaging them in a gamified educational system. The Achievement and Level modules are being used in order to create rewards and feelings of accomplishment further down the education journey.


NTI’s ambition was to help all their students get the help they need, but they did not have the power to do it by themselves. This led them to contact Insert Coin.

Solution: GWEN API

NTI helps to keep their students engaged by helping them actively.

In real-time and through rewards such as achievements and levels.


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