Our Culture

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Inside Insert Coin’s innovative and curious culture.

At Insert Coin, we work with clever, passionate and energetic people who love to build new products and solutions every day on behalf of the most vital for us – Our customers.

Our history

Founded in 2012, Insert Coin is a Scandinavian gamification company offering Gamification as a service (GaaS) and knowledge sharing in partnership with scientific-based research projects. We believe gamification can change how people behave in digital products. And we want the transformation to happen in the proper way – through disruptive innovation, science-based and transparent communication with clients and research department and by adapting to customer needs.

What Insert Coin believe in

Digital products are designed to be appreciated, where users are helped and encouraged to cultivate themselves and their experience. It should be easy to educate and onboard oneself into an innovative digital product. And to not be discourages by the lack of progression or rewards along the way. Cultivating yourself in a digital product should make you happy.

Science Statement.

After 7 years of transforming how users behave in digital products, we want to share how Insert Coin as a company have used science to develop our products and solution. We challenge ourselves to extract value in the form of research-based technologies and innovations from the University and research organizations

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