We are ready to take things to the next level.

In our six years history, a lot has happened and we have become one of the strongest players on the Gamification scene. Insert Coin delivers Gamification projects way beyond points, badges and leaderboards. We create engagement and banish boredom.

The gamification we deliver enhances the core products for our clients. The gamification platform we have built over the last years is constantly growing stronger and more versatile. We still cannot see its limits.

It´s time to Gamify the World.

Thinking mobile first has always been natural to us, as well as using storytelling and the power of games. Today our focus is not just on Mobile and Storytelling, which were our main focus until we realized the benefit of gamification across platform and devices. We do so much more than this and in a much more focused way. We do world-class gamification.


This is an epic time for us.

We want you to associate us with the feeling you get just before you start your favourite game. The same thrill you get as when you insert your coin in an arcade machine and press play. That very special feeling which has brought so much fun to so many of us.

Our mission is to Gamify the World. We are very excited about the future and the value gamification can add to just about everything and any industry. We needed a name that reflected our core values and: Insert Coin, truly feels perfect. We have to say that it feels amazing, nervous and completely intoxicating at the same time. Just the same as when you play a new game for the very first time.