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How does it work?

The purpose of leaderboards is to highlight to players where they rank in the system. In many contexts the presence of a leaderboard can elicit the desire to play. A simple ranking serves as a powerful motivator for the user to continue. 

Design them in such a way that they encourage the users to stay in the game. Show the player how they score even if smack in the middle of the standings.
A user may enter a username, which will be visible across the leaderboard. This can also be removed if the user chooses to.

The leaderboard module has sections for several modules active in GWEN.
The client can choose which leaderboard sections are to be shown in the CMS.
All other calculations etc. are handled by the CMS.

Technical descriptions from a user perspective

A user can see what categories are set to active.

A user can select which category they want to view.

A user can switch between viewing categories within a timespan.

A user can clearly see their score in the selected category/timespan.

A user can clearly see their position in the selected category if they are in the top 10.

A user can enter a username which will be visible across the leaderboard. Can be removed if user chooses to.

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