Select from our formulated high level tasks for your users to reach and get rewarded accordingly. Add the possibility to reward 1-time-behaviours and behaviours with a higher complexity than is suited for missions. Almost all games show some type of progress. Break down users challenges into stages which help the user to feel like there is always progress.

Our brain has natural desire to feel progress, to experience growth. If the game is just a long journey without clear stages to recognize accomplishment, it´s not very engaging.


This module is used to reward “one-time-actions” which will be displayed in a grid so that the user can see the things that can be done and what the reward will be for doing each of them. This will add the possibility to reward isolated behaviours that is not suited for other modules, all of which work with behaviours that can be both repeated and quantified by all users.

It is possible to add “Custom Actions” to this module. Achievement are decided from the Behaviour Table and are defined as all behaviors that are included in the Achievement Module.


Each achievement is connected to a single Behaviour set in the chosen Behaviour Table & Module Package in CMS.
Completing an achievement will grant the user a reward. The reward is based on variables set in the chosen Behaviour Table & Module Package in CMS.
When the achievement is completed, it cannot be completed again.

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