Create engaging time-limited events where you can set the tasks, they need to do in order to get the prizes. Create an urgency to preform behaviours, create event type sprints for the users, create more custom triggers in GWEN. The Challenge framework adds a layer of competition to redundant or prescriptive tasks and is great for building motivation.

A challenge is a call to engage in a difficult, but achievable task. Challenge is correlated with both intrinsic motivation and motivation related to fostering efficacy. Should be used to start a new journey.


A Challenge consists of up to 3 objectives that is to be performed a set number of times. Objectives showing up in a Challenges both created & added manually by the client. This will give the ability to add functionality to reward behaviours not present in the behaviour table. Each Challenge will have a set start date for when it is available to preform by users and a set duration dictating how long the challenge will be available. Also, each Challenge will have a set cooldown time which the user will have to wait for in order to redo the Challenge after each completion. Set a repeating schedule for when the Challenges to be available, each time with the same duration and cooldown time. Select a reward factor and reward currency to be handed out for completing each Challenge. This will enable a balanced experience but with customizability. The reward for completing each Challenges will be significantly higher in relation to the Behaviours performed than in other modules.


The challenge module will have set objectives administered by the client in GWADMIN.

Each challenge will consist of up to 3 Objectives.

Each objective is a custom set up behaviour that are reported back to gwen using a corresponding ID. This does not have any connection to the selected Behaviour table.

Each objective is to be preformed at least 1 time. More iterations can be set.

The challenge has a set of availability rules all defined by the client. All challenges have a set Start date & time, an End date & time and a cooldown time during which the user needs to wait before being able to do the challenge again.

There are also optional availability rules such as Progression caps, Repeating start/end-times, user group availability.

The client can select a reward magnitude for each challenge which will conclude how much reward is granted when completing a challenge based on variables set in the chosen Behaviour Table & Module Package in GWADMIN.

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