Offer real value items to your users as reward for progressing through your other modules. Connect your effort to real value, Give more substance to the gamification system by adding a perspective where users can redeem or purchase physical products or added value services. This helps to create deeper relationship with the users and they develop a sense of loyalty.

Rewards fuel motivation and users feel they are accomplishing something in the shop. This is how society works, get rewarded with trust, loyalty and affection if taken time to nurture it.


Where users can purchase real value items/products from the Company.


The shop is a collection of items fully manageable by the client in CMS.
The client will select the items name, image, price (based on input of avg. coin earn from GWEN), availability rules, quantity rules etc.
Coins can be earned as rewards in other modules based on variables set in the chosen Behaviour Table & Module Package in CMS.
When an item is purchased – GWEN will send an update of this to the client that is then responsible for handling the “payout” of the item bought.

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