Get a great on-boarding and guiding experience and offer more deep dive guides for gamification. Helping the user to get started, push for conversion and deeper understanding. Used to mark the steps and techniques in the user journey to help the navigate process easier. Make the user more confident in the gamification concept to be more productive.

Users have limited time which they are ready to allocate to learning how a product works. People has also limited capacity of working memory so creators needs to limit the dose of information needed for the stage.


Every tutorial, apart from the first and last, must contain at least 2 Steps:

The first step is always a presentation of what’s to come and contains a CTA-link triggered by the “next”-button.

The last step is always a congratulatory message and is presented with a button to take the user to the next tutorial.

The very first and the very last tutorial only contain one step each. These steps behave like the last step in a regular tutorial. Every time a Tutorial is completed for the first time the Tutorial module will reward the user with the modules Effort Base multiplied by the rewardFactor for each of the currencies.

Technical Specification:

A series of guides in several steps (at least 2 per guide) taking the user through set up flows.

Each guide consists of a guide image, a title, a description, a CSS-selector to highlight parts of your product & a continue button.

The Continue button needs a CTA link on the first step in the Tutorial. The following steps Continue button will only trigger the next step in the tutorial. The last step in each tutorial will set the active tutorial to completed and start any qued automatic tutorials if any is available.

All steps are managed by the client in CMS.

Completing a tutorial will grant the user a reward. The reward is based on variables set in the chosen Behaviour Table & Module Package in CMS.

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