GWEN user segmentation allows an implementation to divide their users into segments, in order to identify groups of people that are as homogenous as possible but that differentiate from each other in a significant way. The different segments could be divided into multiple perspectives, it could be based on, for example, Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic or Behaviour.


While all segments will share the same Gamification Set Up, the different segments can have their own unique gamification balance and can even have completely different game mechanics active simultaneous. This introduces a fully customized user journey for every segment, which allows a dynamic user experience.


The goal of segmentation is to better serve users by being able to offer user experiences and journeys that better match their needs and wants.

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Multiple user behaviours and events linked together and rewarded through a specific game element.

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A collection of Modules brought together in a Packges in order to focus on a specific desired outcome.

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GWEN Implementations can be tested using a A/B-method. The A-Group and B-Group is exposed to different Gamification Packages or lack of.

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When A/B/C-Testing, Group A, Group B and Group C can use both different Modules and different Gamification Set-up.

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