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What is Gamification?


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Want to know more about the research that goes into How Gamification applies in our everyday life? Dive deep in our resources page.


Adam Palmquist

Adam Palmquist is a master in media history and a certified teacher and is currently doing his PhD studies with emphasis in gamification/spelifiering. He’s written the book ’Det spelifierade klassrummet’ which is the first book in Swedish about gamification. Adam has many years of experience working as a developer, advisor and as a consultant for many different incubators, science parks, businesses and schools.


Jan Bidner

I am a user fanatic. From my point of view, it’s all about the user! For me, when it comes to digitally transforming our lives – and the world we live in – into something better, it all comes down to us humans and our behaviour and needs. Regardless of the business or service in question there are users with needs to fulfil and who behave in a particular way because of it. For the desired effect to occur in the aforementioned business or service the user must be able to understand, have the ability to perform and also the desire and need to do whatever it is that we expect of her. Without active users, there will be no effects and the system is broken.


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