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Carl Bjerkne

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Sterner

Chief Innovation Officer

Teodor Ostwald

Chief Technology Officer

Frida Monsén

Chief Experience Officer

Daniel Marcko

Chief Sales Officer

Peter Luts

Chief Marketing Officer

Emil Marin

Art Director

Wilhelm Bergman

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Daskalov

Art Director

Hanna Westanmo

Customer Success Manager

Adam Palmquist

Chief Science Officer

Izabella Jedel


David Gillberg

Gamification Design

Ina Bäckström

Lead UX Designer

André Backholm

Project Manager

Magnus Bjerkne Gerdin


Johan Hage


Saxer Karlsson

UX Designer

Max Olsson

Sales & Business

Oskar Willman


Saifee Khan


Advisory Board

Mikael Ericsson

Senior Product Director at Spotify

David Nordberg

CPO at G-Loot

Pedro Hansson

CEO and founder, DevCode

Christer Wikman

Managing Director, DevCode

Magnus Emilsson

Executive Chairman at NA-KD

Board of Directors

Joel Lindeman

Managing Director, Novobis AB

Åke Lundén

Founder of Benify

Christian Rajter

Ex-CEO of

Maria Andersson Grimaldi

CEO Bublar Group

Jonathan Sterner

Representing the founders of Insert Coin

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