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Changing the way horses are overviewed: How Gamification can be applied to help users complete tasks and become more engaged.

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Videquus is a service that gives users knowledge and helps one take care of their horse in a safe way. With the app users have oversight of their horse even when the stable is closed and everyone has gone home. The Videquus app is connected to an intelligent camera whose special technology is built for detecting abnormal motion patterns and sending an alarm directly to users’ phone. The users get the opportunity to get to know their horse in a new way and can take measures to increase the horse’s well-being and maximize the performance. A new way to feel safe and avoid unnecessary costs.


From the start, Videquus’s team was driven and focused on acquiring new customers and reactivating lost users. Acquiring customers is the first challenge, but re-engaging users to boost their usage of the app is the true road to success. To triumph their goals, Videquus strategically set their KPIs and formed a powerful strategy to reach them: 

Increase recurring usage of the app by engaging users with positive reinforcement 

Facilitate the users through the onboarding stages A/B test to find out what works most efficient for the specific target group 


Using GWEN as their gamification platform, Videquus quickly helped their user base whilst optimizing the onboarding phase. A/B testning and tutorial helped Videquus gain deeper customer insights as well as improve user engagement.
Insert Coin’s Gamification Platform GWEN’s ‘Tutorial’ feature improves onboarding and engagement.

GWEN’s flexible, enterprise-grade engagement builder delivered a very effective A/B and tutorial solution that helped Videquus marketers to dynamically approach their audience. Through the tutorial users was positively encourages to complete complex assignments. Videquus successfully, through A/B testing, explored how users reacted to the gamification.


Tutorial applied in the onboarding phase in order to push users through complex behavior: Videquus wanted to approach users who had not finished the onboarding stages and analyze their user behaviour that led to loss in engagement. The plan of boosting the activity of their audiences worked wonderfully for the brand and increased the engagement.

Solution: GWEN Widget

Videquus recaptured its user’s attention and engagement by helping them actively, and in real-time, through tutorials, while analyzing user behavior by implementing A/B testing through GWEN WIDGET. Videquus used GWEN to build dynamic tutorial events and re-engaged users at various touch points along their journey, increasing engagement rate by 101%.

“The engagement development after implemention, is above any figures that we previously imagned! ”

Linus Jernbom, CEO of Videquus.

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