What is the business use for companies that are thinking about using gamification?

Today there is so much choice and competition that user engagement is very hard to achieve. Businesses must innovate in order to stay relevant and to motivate users and employees.

The Goal for Gamification is to enhance the user experience in order to increase key business metrics such as engagement, retention, learning and loyalty.

In its essence we match relevant user behaviours with gamification mechanics in order to increase engagement.

It does not matter if you want to encourage your employees or your customers. The increase in motivation and results will be there if gamification is used right.

What’s the market for gamification today?

The gamification industry is growing extremly quickly. Across almost all industries the need to create engagement has propelled this trend. Digitalization has come a long way and this is a natural next step.

Industries such as edtech, fintech, e-commerce, e-health igaming and industry 4.0 are all moving quickly.

Where do you think that the market for gamification will be in ten years?

Our belief is that most digital apps and services will use some sort of gamification. It will be standard and mandatory. The ones who did not adapt will not have kept their users. Gamification won’t be optional in the future. Companies and organizations who fail to
engage and keep up to speed in the new engagement economy won’t survive.


We also believe that third party suppliers of technical solutions and platforms for gamification will be standardized, the same way payment solutions are today. We hope that GWEN will be the most commonly used platform.

Why should you have gamification?

Users want to engage with brands and products. We must encourage this and let them create a relationship. We must provide better and more instant feedback and keeping the attention up for our customers and employees.

Gamification gives the tools to accomplish this. So if you want to increase your relevance and create value for customers, users and employees you should use gamification.

What do you think about gamification in non-profit areas as education, for example?

It is one of the most interesting areas for gamification. Can you imagine any three year old that doesn´t grow up with the use of an ipad today? That generation will be completley used to instant feedback and gamification mechanics. They will demand it and they are already within the education system. It is time that we meet them on their terms and use this power to create a better learning environment.

The same goes for sustainability, cleantech and other important services that will help us save the World. Gamification would help a lot here as well since we all know that not even saving the World is always managing to keep us humans engaged and actionable.

Why should you go with Insert Coin?

Insert Coin is the leading expert in gamification. We have some of the most well known authors and thought leaders in our team. Experience and knowledge that are key to success.

We have also the first plug & play solution on the market. A robust and scalable platform so that you don´t have to build everything on your own. Instead of months or years you can now go live in weeks with something that works and has a proven track record.

We will deliver results.