What is GWEN?

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GWEN is for everyone!

Regardless of which behaviours
you’re looking for to promote, enhance or drive
– GWEN will do it for you.

Insert Coin will provide you with the exactly right expertise, depending on what industry you’re working in,
and put together a task force creating
a tailored gamification package based on
your needs and wants.

Whether you’re looking for higher retention in your e-shop,
a better onboarding journey for your employees or
enhancing motivation amongst your students
– GWEN is the answer.

Under the hood

Let us begin by using a classic allegory – the house. Regardless of what creative architecture you’re planning to build, you always need a solid base. GWEN is that platform in the bottom, connecting all your other bits and pieces when building your empire.

You can also see GWEN as an engine. There’s a lot of great features under the hood. But lacking the engine, your car won’t even start, nonetheless take you on that longed for road trip. GWEN is that core, connecting the dots for you, taking you off to see the world.

Because let’s face it – creating great gamification is hard. It’s not rocket science, but you really need to know what you’re doing and what drives people to do behave as they do.

By using GWEN we provide both the tech-savviness and the know-how, letting you focus on what you do best, and the most important thing of all – your users. Let us cut all those time-consuming corners for you and have you up and running in weeks!

What’s in it for you?

Below we’ve listed just a few of all the great reasons you should use GWEN.


You’ll present the front, we’ll provide for the back-end. Our API does the work for you, letting you focus on the rest – what you do best. Get to know the user, the usage and how to better improve your service.

No development required.

● Pinpoint the behaviours of your choosing
● Define KPI’s and start boosting them
● No more maintenance, that’s our job


By using our metrics in the CMS you can easily gain insights into the how, when and what of your users. It helps you improve your service even further, and also provides useful knowledge regarding the user experience.

Know your users, without the heavy lifting.

● Find and analyze patterns by A/B testing
● Stay on top of your own development
● Never miss out on precious insights


With GWEN comes so much more, we’re leading the gamification know-how in Scandinavia. Our services doesn’t stop when the implementation is done, we’re with you all the way. Your success is our mission!

We’re there for you, as a part of the bargain.

● CSM supporting roll-out and further scale up
● Tech crunchers in your own slack channel
● Dedicated gamification designers in each implementation


Game mechanics aren’t taken from thin air, but built upon and designed after behavioural principles within the field of psychology. All implementation and improvement of GWEN are based on behavioural science, evaluated and validated by our gamification experts.

Our technology, the word of science.

● Continuous research ensures successful innovation
● Use the leverage of findings in your industrial field
● Obtain competitiveness by using state-of-the-art systems

Would you like to know more?

Let’s talk!