What is GWEN?

Gamify the World Engine

GWEN is the solution for everyone who wants to take their product or service to the next level. Through gamification methods, we create deep user experiences where users receive rewards for different tasks that are controlled by the core product.

The main focus is to create value for all users and to make their experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.

A service bringing great gamification to any digitally connected product.

At the heart of the service is the Gamification Package where Insert Coin has grouped game mechanics modules into Module Packages and set up a list of user behaviours to be boosted in Behaviour Tables. The Gamification Packages could in this way be able to use any 1 or more of the Game Mechanics Modules in any variation with a fitting balance to drive unlimited types of behaviour. Our clients can either get a custom-fitted Gamification Package through our Enterprise Services or put together one on their own by selecting one of our Module Packages and one of our Behaviour Tables in the QuickStart in GWADMIN (Gamification CMS), on our website.

When the Gamification Package is in place, our client can admin their setup in GWADMIN and get help on how to implement the service through our technical documentation, picking one of our three implementation ways: WIDGET, EMBEDED or API Implementation. When implemented, a dedicated Metrics view and other useful sections can also be found in GWADMIN.

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