Why get GWEN?

For the Love of Data and Metrics.

If you want to drive user behavior and boost your key metrics you have come to the right place!

GWEN is a complex, yet easy to use, Gamification platform based on research and experience. Constantly refined and enhanced to bring you the best possible experience. It runs on Google Cloud Platform and is provided as gamification-as-a-service (GaaS) which accounts for scalability and flexibility.

By tapping into our platform our clients are able to supercharge their services using GWENS modular and flexible components that work together in an interconnected ecosystem which allows for a fine tuned and highly customisable user experience! We are experts in our respective fields (systems development, game design, learning and behaviour design) and we are passionate about real user data. We bring you the tools to measure, analyze and improve your gamification design iteratively. GWEN helps our clients leverage learning and engagement in their services. Accepting challenges, setting goals, scoring and climbing leaderboards, are all human drives that can help boost engagement in all services.

Game design to engage users on their journey.

We know how to use game design principles and classic game design components such as points, badges, missions, achievements and leaderboards in a non game context to design a more interactive and engaging experience. By creating the right balance and dynamics we makes sure our client’s end users are on their toes and active throughout their user journeys.

GWEN helps clients leverage the learning elements and increase engagement in their service. Accepting challenges, setting goals, scoring and climbing leaderboards, are all human drives that can help boost activity in most services.

Increase retention and conversion.

Research show users tend to spend more time in products that provides them with meaningful feedback on how to succeed and help them progress. Providing meaningful interaction and keeping your target audience interested and active, helps build brand love for your service and a relation that is more likely to retain your users. In the attention economy of today that has become more and more of a necessity to actively challenge your users. GWEN can help with that by providing tutorials, on-boarding, achievements and a level system.

By creating missions and challenges that nudge users to complete specific tasks in your service, and rewarding them for certain behaviour, such as usage streaks and combinations of actions, we can drive those behaviours and increase conversion rates and stimulate loyalty.
World leading experts.

Our internationally acclaimed experts contribute to the success of the platform by constantly suggesting improvements, additions and redesign to modules and to the gamification eco system of GWEN as a whole. Insert Coin keep on pushing the borders and putting high demands on the excellence of our product by involving academic research and validation as well as professional evaluation on both the pedagogical, cognitive, behavioural and usability aspects of the platform.

By constantly evaluating and improving the platform we strive for the highest possible quality. We work closely with our premium clients to help them analyze their needs and set the right objectives and goals for their solution. Meeting with end users on a regular basis help our designers to keep it real and to get actionable feedback based on actual usage and user interviews.
Robust admin portal.

All clients have access to their own GWADMIN tool which provides their teams with both a dashboard of metrics and insights about user activity in their service. Clients can easily monitor and optimize their setup. And all the modules are configurable with support for creating tutorials, iterative copy writing as well as adding your own images and branding themes. For the coders, on the client team, there is an excellent API-documentation site that consists of ready-to-use snippets personalized for your specific setup.

If you want to try it out – just reach out to us by mail or phone and we are happy to help you explore possibilities for your service.

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