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Gamification science

The field of Science for Insert Coin aims to use the behaviour principles for the area of science, supporting the successful commercialization of research competencies, capabilities and the results from the research done by Insert Coin to its clients and end users.

The overall objectives for Insert Coin in the field of Gamification science are to develop, test and provide new models, techniques, and proceedings for research commercialization that enable Insert Coin in collaboration with universities and research institutions to market their research more effectively. The approach uses existing techniques from businesses and Technology & Innovation collaborations.

The special feature of Insert Coin’s Gamification science effort is the determination of the behavior principles, in particular, the gamification area, as the starting point for all research activities. GWEN Science is generally focused on technology-intensive partnerships but can also be applied in all disciplines of research in behavior mechanisms. Industries engaged in research and development are identified as the key target market. This leads to research customers, who are willing to invest in scientific research, being the center of consideration.

Our goals with Gamification science

Essentially there are two main goals in the commercialization process: research institutions and industrial companies interested in purchasing research outcomes or capabilities.

Research organizations build closer links with industry in order to…

Industry engages research institutions for a number of reasons…

Commercialize research and improve their market-oriented acting and thinking

Allow academics to gain relevant industry experience in order to make their research more relevant to society

Generate additional income for further research and education through commercial returns

The successful innovation of new products and services into the marketplace

Maintain competitiveness which requires considerable efforts of companies and universities

Business requires innovation, companies do not always have the ability to undertake the required research within the area.

The process of Insert Coin’s Gamification science effort

Extracting value in the form of research-based technologies and innovations from the University and research organizations is a challenge. Differing priorities between research institutions and industry have been sighted as a reason for this. Therefore, strategic collaboration is needed in order to assess and extract value from research most effectively. GWEN Science shall be the link between research and business value in both directions between Universities and Industries.


Adam Palmquist

Adam Palmquist is a master in media history and a certified teacher and is currently doing his Ph.D. studies with an emphasis on gamification. He’s written the book Det Spelifierade Klassrummet which is the first book in Swedish about gamification. Adam has many years of experience working as a developer, advisor and as a consultant for many different incubators, science parks, businesses, and schools.


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