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The best platform in the game

Enhance onboarding, conversion, engagement, and retention with our gamification platform, GWEN


Amplifying engagement

Creating a responsive, fun, and engaging user experience should be easy for everyone. Our new gamification API and platform make that possible.


Highlighted features

We’ve made a gamification service that plugs into your app, website or service,
in order to learn, react to and reward the behaviors and actions that your users perform.

Versatile CMS system

Tailor the implementation with your own icons, images, text and rules. Tweak the balance and level of gamification to your liking, or use one of our presets.

Engaging Gamification Mechanics

We only utilize scientifically proven and developed gamification that’s efficient at creating and amplifying engagement.

User Behavior Tracking

Track and visualize user actions and behaviors in your product. Compare data between time periods and user groups to create actionable insights.

A/B testing

Compare data sets in A/B tests to scientifically test how well the gamification is performing.

Technical developer support

We're here to help you connect to our service, troubleshoot potential issues and optimize performance.

AI driven optimization

Our platform uses state of the art machine learning to personalize and optimize the user experience.


Get to know our platform

Take a look at how our API works as well as our control center GWEN Admin, and review the features that enhance digital products and user experiences.

What our clients say

Don't just take it from us - Take a look at these testimonials and quotes from some of our clients.

"A great reason for this high number of good grades and an increase in completion is the module based and game-based environment that was designed for this course”


Åsa Fasth Berglund
Professor | Chalmers University

“A great benefit was the flexibility of Insert Coin as a partner, we didn’t have to change our workflows. It almost became an internal project”


Anders Gran
CEO & Co-Owner | Twiik

“We used GWEN to re-engage users at various touchpoints along their journey, increasing engagement rate by 101%”


Linus Jernbom
CEO | Videquus

“The incredible increase in conversion and engagement we see now is only the beginning of our gamification journey together”


Vidar Duvnäs
CEO | Betspawn

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