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Implementing a robust employee onboarding program, helping new employees meet their full potential


The modern workplace

More than 25 percent of the population experience some type of career transition each year, unfortunately, many fail. Half of the hourly workers leave new jobs within the first four months, and half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months.


The vision of SKF´s gamification project is that the digital native generation has altered their perception of how employees need to be engaged and challenged at their workplace. The purpose of SKF is to support how to manage them effectively as they bring with them unique work skills and attitudes. SKF invests in how to understand and leverage the different ways in which digital natives think and behave by applying an innovative approach of using gamification for successfully engaging and training new employees.


New employees often make missteps and may find it challenging to understand and interpret the positive or negative reactions they receive from co-workers. SKF means that they will often need feedback and guidance. For SKF, recruiting and introducing new staff was a difficult and complex process. During a short period, the new person must learn a lot of new things, including everything from organization and company culture to routines and work methods – which often is a complex and a resource-heavy process.

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Onboarding done right

One important way leaders can manage human resource challenges is to implement a robust employee onboarding program, an opportunity to realize a return on investment from hiring processes and to ensure that new employees meet their full potential.

Therefore, designing and managing effective onboarding is an important human resource management function. An effective way to enhance the onboarding process, and at the same time make the output more effective, is to use gamification. Thus, implementing elements from the game industry, it becomes much easier to activate and reward the right behavior for the user, compared to analog handouts and education.

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