Use behavioural science and gamification to increase results

Enhance onboarding, conversion, engagement, and retention with our gamification platform, GWEN

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GWEN – Gamify the World Engine

For the first time! Groundbreaking Gamification-as-a-service to any connected service or device
is made available through our platform. User experience and loyalty shouldn’t be a coin toss – that’s why we created the ultimate gamification tech stack!


Modules are a collection of drivers linked to a specific desired user behaviour. Multiple Modules are combined into Packages in order to achieve the desired outcome.

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Packages are a different combinations of Modules and module balance based upon intrinsic motivation. Select a Package that best suits your needs.
Contact us if you want a custom Package setup for your specific requirements.

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Onboarding is the nurturing process that gets new users acquainted with your product or new features. Our “Onboard” Packages includes step-by-step tutorials, guidance and support, and milestone celebrations to help your users to cultivate.



Help your visitors become converted and appreciate your product through Insert Coin’s “Discovery” Packages. Our Packages are scientifically designed to empower users to discover their love for your product. Be up and running in weeks!


Core Loop

Engagement packages enables users to spend more time in a product through positive reinforcement. The “Core Loop” Packages is a collection of modules, scientifically designed to empower users to enhance their love for your product.



The “Mastery” Packages nudge and encourage users into increased engagement by value creation to keep them coming back. Challenges and constant feedback in users’ user journeys are used to create an immersive experience!


Use behavioural science
to increase results

The special feature of Insert Coin’s Gamification science effort is the determination of the behavior principles, in particular, the gamification area, as the starting point for all research activities.

GWEN product video

Here you can see us talking about our product and why it will benefit you.

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The utilisation of the fundamental engaging elements of games in a non-gaming environment.


A/B Testing

GWEN Implementations can be tested using a A/B-method. The A-Group and B-Group are exposed to different Gamification Set-Ups or lack thereof.

A/B/C testing

When A/B/C-Testing, Group A, Group B and Group C could have different Modules and different Gamification Set-Ups in order to find the perfect formula.


Segmentation is used to better serve users by being able to offer user experiences and journeys that best match their needs and wants.

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